Intrado 5G Wireless 911 Call Routing Innovation Featured at CCA Mobile Carriers Show

April 11, 2022

Purpose-built public safety solution provides private 5G network operators with turnkey Enterprise 911 compliance

ISLANDIA, N.Y., April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intrado Corporation (“Intrado” or the “Company”), a global leader in technology-enabled services, announced today at the 2022 CCA Mobile Carriers Show the rollout of its 5G wireless 911 routing service in private network implementations. 5G technology has led to a dramatic increase of private operators building dedicated 5G networks for enterprises, manufacturers, campuses, and others looking to harness the power of high bandwidth, low latency wireless communications. In most cases, these networks are required to meet federal mandates governing 911 calls, and Intrado is utilizing its decades of experience in public safety, innovation in Enterprise 911 compliance, and investment in 5G location technology to streamline this process.

“We began building for 5G wireless 911 compliance several years ahead of the need, allowing us to secure the first native 5G tier 1 mobile operator contract in 2021,” said Jeff Robertson, President of Intrado Life & Safety. “Leveraging this experience to support the proliferation of private 5G networks was a natural extension, and we are proud to be demonstrating these new applications today at the CCA Mobile Carriers Show.”

In addition to deploying native 5G wireless 911 routing for public and private networks, Intrado has made several recent strategic technology advancements to continue serving as the industry leader in end-to-end 911 services. These innovations include:

New Content to 911 Via Emergency Data Broker
One of the promises of Next Generation 911 is the ability to deliver rich, contextual data that improves emergency response through enhanced situational awareness. Intrado’s Emergency Data Broker makes this a reality as information that could not be delivered via traditional connections - such as alarm signals, advanced vehicle telematic information, and other data from IoT devices - can now be delivered to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) nationwide at no cost. Emergency Data Broker provides valuable contextual information during a 911 call that improves emergency response outcomes.

Better Location for Text to 911
Intrado TXT29-1-1® now offers enhanced location accuracy into the emergency text flow. Similar to location-based routing, the solution provides a more accurate initial routing of TXT29-1-1 requests while providing the Emergency Communications Center (ECC) with precise location data for dispatch purposes. The enhancement increases reliability and value of TXT29-1-1 for those who are in need of emergency assistance while unable to speak.

Z-Axis Capabilities for Wireless Carriers and Beyond
Harnessing the latest location technology innovations, Intrado is ensuring wireless carriers and the broader public safety community are prepared with tools to address Z-Axis mandates. Among the requirements, 911 caller location must include not just latitude and longitude, but also elevation – particularly important in dense urban environments where wireless 911 calls often originate from high floors in a building.

IP Call Delivery and Native i3 Support
As IP-based public safety networks (ESINets) become more prevalent, the ability to deliver calls via IP directly into public safety is becoming more common. Further, many of these networks are beginning to support full end-to-end i3, the standard for true Next Generation 911 content delivery. Given its unique position across the full 911 continuum, Intrado is supporting wireless carriers by ensuring 911 call delivery regardless of where each PSAP is at in its Next Generation technology evolution.

To learn more about 5G private wireless and other innovations in wireless carrier and 911 technologies, visit the Intrado team at Booth #603 at the 2022 CCA Mobile Carriers Show.

About Intrado Corporation

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